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Djarum Special

Djarum Special

Brand: Djarum
Product Code: Djarum Special
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Price: $4.60
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Djarum Special Cloves Cigarettes review :

" I smoke this cloves. Despite all the well-intended propaganda, it is still cool, pointing out it's deadly flaws has only made it cooler to young people dying to send a message regarding their discontent with the world at large.

Djarum Specials taste like the lip balm of the cute white girl at the library you wish would stop reading long enough to look up at you mixed with the entirely acquired taste of strong tobacco. The saccharine coating creates such a strong sense of reward for just putting one in your mouth that lesser cigarettes simply appear to be a construction of paper and poison made on assembly line as compared to these modern works of art, appropriately wrapped in golden foil.

Lovely habit, really, I wish that carbon monoxide and aerobic exercise went better together, I'd keep doing it even if these are $6 USD a pack. "

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